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Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

This January, Final Fantasy fans will be treated to something really special – Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. Scheduled to be released on January 30th, Dissidia NT is follow-up to the Dissidia game released in 2015. The game is supposed to feature a wide variety of characters from across the Final Fantasy universe just waiting for the all-out brawl to begin.
Bigger and Better

The game was actually hinted at by Sony’s president, Atsushit Morita way back in 2015, on the Japanese Amusement Expo. Dissidia NT was developed by Square Enix, and was intended to be released for Sony PlayStation 4. Square Enix also wanted to release the arcade version initially, and only wanted to release the game on console a year later, but they decided against it. In addition, the game’s director Takeo Kujiraoka wanted to make a game that would later become an eSport, and, though the game wasn’t to be released outside of Japan, Kujiraoka decided to release the game in North America as well, especially because the wanted to make it into an eSport game.
As we said, the game includes many characters from the franchise. NT is supposed to include a cast of 20, including The Emperor, the Onion Knight, Cloud, Warrior of Light, Cloud of Darkness, Sephiroth, Lightning, and new characters such as Y’shtola Rhul, Noctus Lucis Caelum, Ace and Ramza Beoulve.
One thing that sets NT apart from the Previous Dissidia game is that the fights happen between small teams of three fighters. The fighters fall into four categories – the Vanguards, the Marksmen, the Assassins and the Specialists. Vanguards are power-based fighters and excel in melee combat and have powerful strikes. Assassins fight subversively and try to take their opponents off-guard. Marksmen stay at a distance and either rain down physical attacks or magic on their opponents. Finally, Specialists are circumstance-based fighters with unique traits and high utility.
As before, the characters can perform HP attacks or Bravery attacks. Bravery attacks boost Bravery and directly influence how much damage can HP attacks do. EX moves are also featured, with minor changes, and a character can equip two EX skills and one HP attack. Dissidia NT features a health and stamina bar for the whole party, as well for individual fighters. When a character is defeated, their health is subtracted from the party meter. A party stamina bar was introduced to prevent overuse and spamming of dodges and dashes. There is also a Summon bar that, once full, allows teams to summon powerful creatures to aid them in battle.

All in all, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is a great game with plenty of characters and excellent combat system. Dissidia was an already awesome game, especially for the fans of Final Fantasy, but the rework of the game including teams of three only makes the game more intense, and, as such, more skill-based and more desirable, and we can only hope in becomes an actual eSport. We can’t wait!


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