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Dragon Ball Super: The end of the beginning


Last weekend marked the conclusion of the Tournament of Power saga in Dragon Ball Super, thus bringing down the curtain to the series after 131 successful episodes. The series finale definitely seemed like a cliffhanger more than an absolute conclusion, though – it’s highly likely that we’ll get to see more of Frieza and Jiren in the near future!

Although some aspects of Super were far from perfect, the show’s scripts and storylines were worthy of joining the immortal Dragon Ball universe. The first two sagas could’ve been skipped as they’re basically longer remakes of the movies, though, which were good as standalones but poorly executed as entire arcs.
Nevertheless, although poorly done, the inclusion of both movies as sagas was fundamental to the story of Super. Beerus and Whis’ character development gave viewers more than one reason to grow close to their personalities, and Frieza’s resurrection turned out to be pivotal to Universe 7’s triumph in the Tournament of Power.

In any case, it would’ve been fantastic if the animation was as good throughout the series as it was during the last two episodes. The first few chapters of the series were very poorly drawn, and it was clear that the budget distribution wasn’t evenly made. Every fight with Ultra Instinct was reminiscent of Z’s best moments and an ode to the fights we watched two decades ago.

There’s still time for this to be corrected when the series continue – hopefully with a bit more money to pay for the animation.

Let’s not focus on the negatives too much. The show was fantastic and certainly a more respectable successor than GT to Dragon Ball Z. Some moments were epic and will go down in the history of Dragon Ball as memories to never forget, while also offering the ever-present comedic value that the series have held true since the days of kid Goku.

After Goku’s Ultra Instinct and his side-by-side Frieza fight against Jiren, there seems to be a promising future for the series. We know there’s one movie coming, which is definitely Toriyama’s way to say “Dragon Ball isn’t going anywhere”. Maybe we’ll get to watch a couple of big screen presentations and then we’ll be back to our much beloved episodes.

In any case, just as Goku told Zen-Oh after the Tournament of Power… We won’t be gone for too long!

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