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Everything You Need to Know About the Death Star

Death star schematic
The Death Star, the Empire’s most powerful and feared weapon. The introduction of this majestic piece of work dates to the first Star Wars movie. Since then, the Death Star has become a piece of pop culture and one of the most emblematic representatives of the Star Wars universe.
The existence of the Death Star leads us to many questions about its purpose, though. Economists have calculated that even creating such a structure in the real world would be almost impossible, not only because of the logistic complications that would come with it, but also because of its running costs.

Regardless, there’s a lot of thought put into the creation of the planet destroyer. Let’s overthink things for a bit and analyze what’s the purpose and functionality of the Death Star.

How Does the Death Star Move?
Most Star Wars fans probably know this, but have you ever wondered why the Death Star seems to always show up where the Empire needs it to be? The answer is very simple: the travelling technology used in most Star Wars ships is also used to move the gigantic planet destroyer.
Keep in mind that the Death Star is nothing more than a space station with a giant laser on it. Granted, it’s a pretty massive space station, but it does serve as a docking port for spaceships such as the TIE-Fighter’s and TIE-Interceptors of the Empire.

Why Is the Death Star So Big?
There’s only one argument to explain the size of the Death Star: The laser needs to gather a gigantic amount of energy before it can destroy a planet. The whole structure of the space station is used to house the energy reactor that powers the gun, as well as the entire construction of the massive weapon itself.

How Does the Death Star Combat Threats?
The Death Star is equipped with thousands of cannons that successfully combat threats, such as Rebel fighters or cruisers (unless you’re flying an X-Wing and your name is Luke Skywalker, of course). These laser platforms are scattered all over the surface of the weapon, but they’re mainly located close to its docking entrance to defend them against invaders.

What Can You Find Inside the Death Star?
The Death Star has thousands of living quarters dedicated to the members of the Empire responsible for maintaining and running the moon-sized structure. There are thousands of rooms and surface buildings that serve the main purpose of feeding the laser with enough energy to blow up planets.

How Many People Inhabit the Death Star?
There are over one million inhabitants in the Death Star. At least 120 of them are responsible for firing the laser at full power, whilst many others serve purposes of maintenance. There are many imperial pilots living inside the giant space station as well, who are responsible for manning the imperial fighters when required.

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