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Fe Short Review

Indie games are quite popular nowadays because they cost less and are usually MTX free. They seem made with more love and more dedication than any AAA game, which yields excellent titles.
Seeing how popular indie games are, EA started EA Original, a special programme that supports indie developers and ensures they get a higher revenue for their games. Fe, the game we’re going to do a short review of today, is their very first game, so let’s see what EA has got for us now.
Songs in the Forest

What Fe presents is an enchanting forest world filled with singing creatures. The game was created by Zoink, a Swedish independent developer. The studio’s CEO, Klaus Lyngeled, said that the game is “a personal narrative about our relationship with nature”. He also mentioned that many of the developers lived in the forest areas of Sweden, and wanted to share that experience with the world.
Another inspiration for the game were games like the Journey and Shadow of the Colossus. The game’s director, Hugo Bille said that he wanted to capture the beauty and awe of those games that have you spend most of your time in a world where the creatures don't have a spoken language but are still able to express all the emotions and communicate them to the player.
As we said, Fe takes place in a forest environment. The game has you play as the eponymous Fe, a fox-like spirit on a mission to save the forest from the Silent Ones, evil, mechanical creatures that are seeking to destroy the forest.
Mechanically, Fe is an action-adventure and a platformer game. Most of Fe’s gameplay is you jumping around platforms and scaling trees, together with solving puzzles in an effort to free the woodland critters. However, what makes this game special is that you learn and utilize singing to communicate with the animals and plants around the forest. You can sing in unison with other animals, and they will help you by telling you where to go and what to do. In addition, you can sing to plants and flowers, which will yield different abilities that will help you to places you haven’t been able to reach before.
In essence, the game resembles greatly Ori and the Blind Forest, except it’s in a 3D format. However, Fe has some problems that makes it far removed from Ori in terms of design. For starters, the game is short. The campaign only lasts for three hours only, with maybe two more hours of content being tacked on. The game’s environments are quite fun, but, the lack of colouring can make them quite boring to look at after a while. The music in Fe, however, is quite beautiful – unfortunately, it doesn’t do that much to make the environments more fun after an hour or so of playing.

In essence, Fe is, well, an average quality game. It’s fun for a bit, but it doesn’t leave a lasting impact. The story’s short, the environments a little boring, and, as a coup de grace, Ori already did it, and did it better. Still, it’s not a bad game to pick up for one afternoon, so feel free to give Fe a try.

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