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Hidden Agenda Review

If you haven’t had enough of Until Dawn, then Hidden Agenda might just satisfy your cravings for a little while. Made by the same people, Supermassive Games, Hidden Agenda is an engaging game with lots of twists and turns and some new mechanics. The game isn’t as good as Until Dawn, mostly in terms of the story, but it’s still a fun game to play, especially with the new features.
One Wrong Move…

In Hidden Agenda, the player takes roles of Becky Marney, a homicide detective, and Felicity Graves, an attorney. Both of them are working on the case of The Trapper, a serial killer who kills people, then sets up traps (sometimes inside the very victims’ bodies) for the cops who find his victims. The gameplay is similar to that of Until Dawn, as it mostly relies on decision making and QTEs. Based on your decisions, the characters will die or survive, so there’s not much novelty here.

In terms of the story, Hidden Agenda seems to be a little bit linear. The game will end quickly if you make a couple of wrong decisions, but, maybe that’s not such a bad thing, as the game will really make you sweat, especially with the new features being added.

So, what are these new features? There are two of them – PlayLink and Hidden Agenda, a feature from which the title of the game was derived. First off, let’s say that the game can be played using your Android or iOS smartphone. On top of that, other players can connect and play the game with you. When a decision needs to be made, multiple players can vote on the decision, which is, in our opinion, a really nice addition, as you and your friends can experience the game’s exciting story together.

However, if you think this multiplayer mode is cooperative, you’re wrong. Well, not entirely, since you can play coop without being competitive, but this is where the game shines the brightest. This competitive mode is, actually, the Hidden Agenda, as players receive objectives that they’re trying to achieve without other players knowing anything about them. So, in essence, Hidden Agenda now becomes a game of cat and mouse, where you’re trying constantly to figure out who’s out to get you, and who’s planning to wreck your game, and stop it, which makes for some really exciting gameplay, and adds to the game’s already heightened thriller element.

In the end, Hidden Agenda definitely seems like a game worth playing. However, the singleplayer experience might be a little lackluster, considering the relatively linear, though exciting narrative. It seems that the game is really centered around PlayLink and Hidden Agenda features, so it’s, perhaps, the most enjoyable if you play it with other players.

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