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How to become a video game blogger

How to become a video game blogger

If you like to write and you know a thing or two about video games, you’ve probably considered becoming a videogame blogger at least once in your life. Starting your own blog can be quite a daunting task, especially because there’s already a ton of other blogs focused on gaming. You’ll need to stand out from the rest, which can prove to be quite a challenge.
First things first, though. We’ll be guiding you through the steps you need to follow to start your own blog. It’s not as hard as you might think – you just need to have a clear idea of what you want to do before you begin, and the rest should come naturally.

Create and Setup a Template
Even if you’re not sure about the exact topic that you want to write about in your blog, the first thing you’ll need to do is select a blogging platform and create a blog with a template of your choosing. You’ll be changing the shape of the blog and tweaking it as you start writing, but it’s important to have a solid base to begin with.
We recommend using WordPress because of the sheer amount of themes and layouts that it offers, combined with the ease-of-use that has made the platform so popular.

Install Add-ons to Your Blog
Some WordPress add-ons can prove to be very useful when developing your videogame blog. If you’re going to talk about specific games and review them, for example, you might want to install an add-on capable of showing a rating that you can assign to each article.
This way your blog will be taken more seriously, and it will be more visually-appealing to your future user base.
There are many other plugins that can be added to your videogame blog – it’s up to you to choose which of these you’d like to add depending on the theme of your articles.

Start Writing and Don’t Stop
Once you’re done with the setup, you’ll probably want to start writing as soon as possible. Choose a topic and write your first piece. Keep in mind that the beginning of a blog is always going to be slow, so be patient if the viewers don’t flow during the first few weeks.
If you have some spare time to create a social media network for your blog, you might want to do that as soon as you start writing. Set up Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts solely dedicated to the contents of your blog. This way you’ll be able to promote your work in other platforms.
You should be able to build up a solid base of followers in no time – just follow our advice and, most importantly, believe in your talents!

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