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How to become better at any videogame

Are you getting constantly beaten by your friends in most video games? Are you unable to hold your own on the online scene without getting smashed by other players? Fear not, we’re going to help you get better at any video game in which you’re not good enough. All you need to do is follow our list of tips and you’ll become a better player in no time.

Practice makes perfect

We all know, being bad at a videogame sucks. It can be very frustrating to lose time and time again – especially if you play online. But don’t get discouraged. Every time that you lose, you learn something new; it might sound pretty cliché, but it’s true! Keep playing and you’ll end up becoming better. If you feel like you’ve stagnated and you’re not improving anymore, try new strategies.
If you see that you’re doing the same things over and over without making them work, you might want to consider changing your approach altogether. If you’re playing aggressively on sports games, try a more defensive approach. If you’re getting killed in shooters too much, try moving more carefully.

Watch those who constantly win

Hop on YouTube or Twitch and start watching people who are very good at the game in which you want to improve. Learn the way they move, the strategies they use and everything they do. This doesn’t produce immediate results, but watching good players on a daily basis will inevitably make your mind learn from what they do.
It’s important that you don’t try to mimic their every move, though. You’ll struggle to do it and it won’t bring you anything but frustration. Pay attention to what they do; don’t miss out on any small details of their gameplay, as the simple things are often what separates a regular player from a great player.

Training mode

Although some people might find this feature extremely boring, spending at least one hour a day practicing your skills against the AI is one of the best ways to improve. This is especially true for shooter games – never underestimate the importance of improving your accuracy! The best way to do this is by first shooting at unmovable targets, then bots or NPC’s, and then online players.
Testing your skills against non-responsive targets or rivals can be a very enriching experience. You’ll know which mistakes you make on your own, even when there’s no pressure. Work on those mistakes and your overall ability will most definitely improve as a whole.

Think, don’t react

Raging while playing video games is one of the most common things for hardcore gamers. Nonetheless, it’s a pretty negative habit. Raging can hinder your performance as it makes you lose your focus, forgetting to play it simple and rather subconsciously going into full “tryhard mode”.

Try to keep your thoughts at ease when you play, even if your opponents try to annoy you with t-bags or showoff celebrations after they beat you. Keep focused and you’ll prevail!

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