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How to choose between Call of Duty Black Ops 4 and Battlefield V

How to choose between Call of Duty Black Ops 4 and Battlefield V

Last Tuesday saw the official full release of Battlefield V, DICE’S latest installment of the popular all-out war game. Although fans originally feared for the quality of the game after the reveal trailer showed some very concerning historical inaccuracies, the game has turned out to be very good and fans are already comparing it to some of the most successful BF titles.
Call of Duty, on the other hand, has yet again proven that their formula is one for success. They’ve kept the same playstyle and game modes with the bonus of Blackout: A Battle Royale mode which has drawn a lot of attention to the franchise from people who fell in love with PUBG and Fortnite.
If you haven’t played an FPS in a long time, or if you’re unsure which of these two games you should get, we’re here to help you decide by telling you the main attributes of each game. Ask yourself which style you like the most and buy the game that catches your eye.
We’re not trying to discourage you or persuade you with this article. This isn’t an argument on which game is better than the other – our aim is to help you decide on your own which one you like the most.

Pace of The Game

The main difference between COD and Battlefield is the game’s pace. Battlefield encourages a more realistic approach to warfare, allowing players to choose the role they want to play in their team’s push for success. Call of Duty encourages a fast-paced style of game, making speed and reaction time a priority.
If you like to sit behind your team’s lines with a sniper rifle and aiming to pick out enemies while avoiding rival snipers, Battlefield might be the one for you. If you like to rush and play more aggressively, COD might have the edge on this one.

Lobby Size

Matches in COD are way smaller than those you play in Battlefield. Maps are also much smaller, which adapts perfectly to the quick style of play encouraged by Black Ops 4. Generally, you’ll be playing COD in lobbies filled with less than 18 players each, unless you play the Blackout battle royale, in which case you’ll be thrown into a map with 88 players.
Battlefield will eventually get a BR mode, as announced by EA, but it’s not coming until March 2019. In the meantime, just like in past Battlefield titles, you’ll be thrown into different lobbies which will be filled with 32 to 64 players.
If you like to play with fewer players, fast respawn times and not-so-significant deaths, you might want to give COD a chance. Larger lobbies and group play, on the other hand, are crucial in Battlefield.

Match Length

Matches in Call of Duty are much shorter than their Battlefield counterparts. If you start a match on any regular game mode in Battlefield, you should be playing for at least half an hour if it’s evenly matched. Grand Operations could take up to an hour and a half, depending on the attacker’s proficiency.
COD offers a selection of traditional FPS game modes which tend to last up to 20 minutes or less. Classical modes present in other games such as Counter Strike are the life of Call of Duty.

Styles and flaws

Battlefield aims to simulate the realism of war, up to certain extent, of course. The presence of women in this year’s title makes it feel a tad less realistic, combined with the fact that both Allies and the Axis share the same arsenal. In any case, those are two of the few flaws in this year’s edition of the game.
COD offers a more arcade-like style of play, better suited for those who love traditional shooters. This year’s installment of Call of Duty has one major flaw: the servers aren’t too good, and matchmaking doesn’t help to mask the experience. Nevertheless, the game is very good and feels awesome to play.

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