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How to Do a Speedrun in a Videogame

How to Do a Speedrun in a Videogame

Doing speedruns has become a popular phenomenon since the early 20th century. Gamers all around the world challenge themselves to see how quickly they can finish videogames. Part of the challenge comes with finding or knowing how to exploit certain bugs in the game. Doing so allows the player to bypass certain areas or to level up faster.
It’s not easy to do a speedrun and most of the time you’ll find yourself trying to beat other people’s scores over and over again. The art of speedrunning is somewhat new, but some gamers have perfected this fine art, such as Twitch streamers Zfg1 and Calebhart42. If you’re looking to join this ever-growing community, be sure to follow our step-by-step guide closely.

Choosing a Game
The game you choose could be difficult, easy, or average - that’s not really what’s important. You must pick a game that you truly enjoy playing. Speedruns consist of playing the same minigames and missions repeatedly, and you’ll often find yourself starting over the game plenty of times.
You should always pick a game that you enjoy playing (it helps if you know some of its secrets, too). That way, you won’t get bored of watching and playing the same thing for hours at a time.
Keep in mind that the game you choose doesn’t necessarily need to have time-saving exploits – you could aim to finish the story as quickly as possible. After all, everyone is going to be playing it under the same conditions, so not using exploits doesn’t really put your speedrun at a disadvantage.

Studying the Steps
Be sure to check out forums, social networks, and videos on how to beat the game you choose as quickly as possible. Gamers often share the quickest way to beat a videogame, and your objective will be to do it quicker than anyone else.
Study every glitch, exploit and route. Thoroughly memorize them before trying to do a speedrun. Take notes if necessary and focus on the job at hand.

Practice, Practice, Practice
Not much things are certain in this life but doing a great speedrun in your first attempt is simply not going to happen. You’re going to need to practice everything you learned during the research process and perfect it.
Some of the glitches, exploits and routes you’ll learn are not easy to take advantage of, and sometimes they can be missed in-game. Missing a shortcut near the end of your speedrun can be extremely frustrating and you’ll need to start it over again. Regardless, the satisfaction you get from completion is ten times greater than any frustration that might build up in your system.

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