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How to Earn Easy FIFA 19 Ultimate Team Coins

The Ultimate Team yearly madness returns with the recent release of FIFA 19. The relatively pay-to-win game mode has become the most popular FIFA game mode, and with its huge variety of features, players around the world will be trying to make bank and purchase their favorite players for their Ultimate Team.
One of the most common mistakes that people tend to make is to think that the only way to get a great team in FIFA Ultimate Team is by injecting real money into the game. This, honestly, couldn’t be further apart from the truth.

Although EA are rightfully known as money-grabbers, clearly reflected on the neglection of improvements for every FIFA game mode apart from Ultimate Team, the game actually has a lot of ways in which you can make coins without trying too hard.
EA has added a ton of coin-making options since the introduction of the game mode in the late 2000’s. Let us take a look at the most effective things you can do this year to make cash in a straightforward manner in FIFA 19.

Good Old Trading

It doesn’t matter in which console you play the game; trading cards is the best way to make money without spending a single real-life cent in the game. In order to be successful doing this, you’ll have to understand that the market works entirely on a supply-and-demand environment.
For example, if there’s a weekly Squad Building Challenge (SBC) where you have to put together a team made of Bayern Munich and Real Madrid players, the prices of the likes of Ceballos and Sule are sure to skyrocket.
There are many famous YouTubers and blogs where people predict which SBC’s are about to come out. You can use them as guides and see in which players you can invest so you can later sell them for a huge profit. This is a relatively easy method, consuming almost no time of your day if you can spare a few minutes to watch a video or read a blog post.

Doing SBC

As we already talked about, Squad Building Challenges can be used to buy and sell cards on the market for a profit. Other than that, doing the SBC’s yourself is a great way to make coins! These tend to give you great packs, in which you can get any of the big-name players included in the game.
If you’re going to use SBC guides found in websites like Futbin, Futwiz or Futhead, don’t buy the same players in those guides. People tend to buy certain players from each SBC guide to drive up the price of each card. Use those guides and build your own SBC’s – it’s fun, rewarding and you can get a ton of coins from doing them.

Division Rivals

The introduction of Division Rivals means that playing Ultimate Team divisions isn’t a complete waste of fitness cards anymore. You can actually get pack rewards at the end of each week to compensate for your efforts and weekly position. Do keep in mind that you’ll be facing tougher competition than ever playing this mode – you might struggle to make it to Division 1 for once!

FUT Champions

Ah, the Weekend League. Three days of madness, stress and broken controllers. This year EA finally listened to user feedback and made the WL just 30 games long instead of 40! This means you’ll have a better chance at finishing all the games more than ever.
Monthly rewards have also been removed. You now get those sweet, red untradeable at the end of each week! The WL is definitely a place for the most skilled players, but if you’re good enough to qualify and hold your own against the very best, you’ll be able to make a lot of coins simply by playing the game.

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