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How to Fast Travel in Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 has launched and, as expected, the game’s brilliant immersive system has already placed it amongst the best open world games ever created. In fact, the attention to detailed paired with the vastness of the map, makes the game a revolutionary title that will set a new standard for open world games as well as for Rockstar themselves.
RDR 2 gives the user the ability to play in the biggest map ever created by Rockstar Games, overshadowing the already huge map we got to play in Grand Theft Auto V.

Traversing such a vast map could be quite the challenge at times! Rockstar created an immersive gaming experience with a sense of realism that gets reflected into the travelling aspect of the game. Fast travel mechanics, like those found in most open world games like Skyrim, are not easy to come across – and they certainly can’t be accessed by simply opening the map.
There are some ways in which you can travel very quickly through the map. Some will cost a bit of money, though! So, keep that in mind. We’ll keep this article SPOILER FREE.

The Hideout’s Quick Travel Map

If you’re not one of those who likes to upgrade the gang’s hideout as much as possible, you might’ve missed the option to add a quick travel map which can be easily accessed in one of the wagons. It does cost a lot of money to purchase the upgrade – particularly if you’re just getting started with the game.
You’ll find the upgrade in the fourth page of the camp’s book, located near the donation box. It’s a page called “Lodging”. You’ll have to purchase all the available upgrades on that page. The last one grants you the hideout’s fast travel map, which you can access in the back of the blue wagon.


You can approach any train station in the game, purchase a ticket, and be on your merry way to another location. This method is the cheapest, albeit the most limited, considering you can only select towns with train stations as your destinations.
You could also rob the train and get some cash, which is a huge plus if you like to fully experience the life of an outlaw!


Stagecoaches aren’t unlocked as soon as the game begins – you’ll have to play some story missions before you unlock the ability to do so, and it might feel a bit expensive to purchase one of these trips at first… But they become extremely useful as the game goes on. You can choose almost any town as a destination, and the driver’s fee shouldn’t go over 20$ regardless of where you want to go.

Story missions

Some story missions will allow you to quick travel back to camp after completing them. You’ll be able to select whether you fast travel or not, which comes in handy if you want to stay in the location after the mission is done.

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