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How to increase your Xbox Gamerscore

How to increase your Xbox Gamerscore

A player’s Gamerscore is one of the best indicators if you want to know how much time that person has spent playing games on Xbox. It is determined by achievements – as you make progress in a game, you’ll almost assuredly unlock one achievement after another. These achievements reward the user with Gamerscore – the rarer the achievement, the higher the value.

The system has become widely popular since its introduction over a decade ago, and many users often wonder how to quickly increase their Gamerscore on Xbox. Today, we’ll be taking a look at ways in which you can easily increase your Gamerscore without any hassle.

Set yourself some goals

Unlocking achievements can be an incredibly overwhelming task – especially if you take a look at a game’s complete achievement list before you start playing. However, if you set yourself a daily achievement goal, you’ll be able to complete them rather quickly without even noticing.

Make yourself stick to your daily achievement schedule, ideally finishing at least two or three achievements a day, and you’ll be fully completing a game at least once per month. Don’t let yourself down!

Make a list of priorities

The best way to complete achievements in game without feeling overwhelmed is by first completing the main storyline. For example, there are plenty of secondary achievements that you can unlock in Skyrim, but if you complete the Dragonborn’s questline first, you’ll unlock the game’s main achievements without even breaking a sweat.

Once you’re done with the main quests, your character will be more than ready to take on any challenge that awaits – which means you’ll have the time and strength to fully focus on your secondary achievements.

Get some easy-to-finish games

Some games that are very easy to complete offer a vast array of achievements. You could call these games “easy targets”, as they’ll provide you with a ton of Gamerscore without really needing to get too invested in them. These games are usually cheaper as well, which means you can buy a bunch without heavily damaging your wallet’s balance.

Indie games, linear story games and some sports titles can prove to be easy targets – if you want some easy Gamerscore, focus on these titles!

Subscribe to game services

You can actually get a bunch of cheap and free games if you choose to subscribe to certain Xbox services. For example, the Xbox Live Gold subscription grants you access to a bunch of free games each month, much like PlayStation Plus does for its subscribers.
You can also access a ton of EA games such as Battlefield Hardline if you choose to subscribe to EA Access.

Forget about 100%’s

Fully finishing a game isn’t really the best way to get a good Gamerscore. Some achievements are incredibly hard to get, and while they do reward you with a ton of points, these aren’t nearly as much as those you’d get if you played another game during the same time.

What we’re saying is pretty simple: don’t focus on achieving 100% completion on any game. If you want to maximize your Gamerscore, fully finish games and their easiest achievements as quick as you can. That way you can move on to other fresh titles in which you can hunt for new achievements.

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