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How to prepare for an all-night gaming session

How to prepare for an all-night gaming session

Passionate gamers have always placed “all-nighters” at the cusp of gaming sessions. Staying up all night playing videogames had always been a behavior often associated with kids, but the social stigma has greatly diminished as more and more adult gamers have adopted the same behavior.

As kids, we would turn off our lights and wait for our parents to go to sleep before jumping to our consoles and PC’s. We had no regard for our sleep schedules - all we wanted to do was play games all night.
As teenagers and adults, things are a bit different. We might not be able to stay up all night as often as we did, as we have responsibilities that we have to tend to. Regardless, those who grew up as gamers will always cherish a long night session of gaming – so we’ll be setting some guidelines to be followed by those who want to pull an all-nighter and not die (or fall asleep) trying.

Plan your night
Clear your schedule and make sure you have enough time to play all night. Then, before you begin, set up a “game plan” to get a better idea of how you’ll spend the night.
Set some goals for yourself before getting started: it doesn’t matter if you’re going for achievements or playing online, make sure what you know what you want to do before getting started. That way you won’t get bored halfway through the session.

Make sure that you’re well-rested
If you’re planning on staying up all night on Saturday, for example, make sure you go to bed early on Friday or take a nap on Saturday to keep your batteries going through the night. The worst enemy of an all-nighter is your very own drowsiness.

Buy (or make) snacks
It’s imperative that you have things to eat ready before you start playing – especially if you live with other people in your home. You’re going to start feeling hungry at some point during the night, and you won’t want to wake people with loud kitchen noises!

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