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How to read books quickly

Books are one of the best ways to get immersed into a different reality, without having to leave the comfort of our own homes. Better yet, you can carry them with you and disconnect from the real world wherever you go – all you need to have is some space to carry the book around and you’ll be good to go anywhere you like.
Bookaholics can get very frustrated if they’re unable to read quickly. Most renowned authors create rather lengthy books and finishing them could take months if a reader lacks enough time in their daily routines. Thankfully, there are some methods you could put into practice to read books quickly.
Academic texts can be read even faster if you know what you want to learn out of them!
The most important thing about these methods is that, if executed correctly, you should be able to fully understand everything the book says without missing out on any information. After all, reading quickly would be pointless if you forget key points in the story!

Train Yourself
You can improve your reading speed if you set milestones for yourself. For example, you could try to read an extract of a book in 5 minutes, and then attempt to read it again to try to beat your initial time. Your mind will get used to reading faster and eventually you’ll be able to work with all types of text.
Don’t get frustrated if you don’t manage to improve during the first few tries – you might need to practice for a while to improve using this method. Even more so if you are a slow reader.

It might seem obvious at first but keeping focus on what you’re reading will make you understand everything the first time you read it. Concentrate and you won’t need to go over the same line of text plenty of times.
One of the most common problems that readers have is that they lose focus on certain paragraphs and then concentrate again further down the read. This creates confusion and forces the reader to go back a few paragraphs. Avoid thinking about things that distract you and keep your mind fully focused on your book.

Know What You Want to Learn
If you’re studying for a test, or if you want to learn specific information in a book, you can quickly scan the text until you find the part most relevant to you. You can then focus on reading this part while ignoring the rest of the text.
This method works even better if your book has subheadings dividing each different topic. Look for a subheading and read what you need.

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