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How to read comics online

Last week struck comic fans with utter sadness. Stan Lee, Marvel’s icon and creator of many of the franchise’s superheroes, passed away at the age of 95. The acclaimed creator had been making cameos in Marvel movies for many years, and his presence and overall personality will be surely missed by comic book lovers all around the world.
Many people are taking the opportunity to start reading comic books to honor the passing of such a pop culture legend. The thing is, most aren’t aware of where to start. Sure, you might take a quick trip to your local store and purchase some comic books, but what if they don’t have anything from your favorite superhero? Or what if you don’t know what you really like?
Don’t worry, you can read most comic books in existence from the comfort of your own home. We’ll show you some basic ways on how you can do it right now, without having to invest any money into it.

Access a Comic Website

There are plenty of comic websites available online for free. You can access and read comics online simply by login in and searching for whichever issue you’d like to read, or if you’re unsure, you could also open their category filter and browse them until you find something that you fancy. You won’t need to pay any money or download any software.
You could try visiting – they have a vast selection of comics available. is also a great website with plenty of categories to choose from, and they even have a randomizer that presents you with any comic from their database. A useful feature if you can’t decide what to read!
There are many other websites, though. A quick Google search will give you an idea of how many options you have!

Download Comic Software

Some people have developed incredible comic-reading tools which you can download for free. With these tools, you can open any comic or manga file from your computer’s desktop and the software will show you the comic in a visually-appealing format, which you can also modify to your liking.
The best software that we’ve tried is CBR Reader – if you want to download comics and read them (even when you have no Internet access), we strongly suggest you look at their software by accessing

Buy Digital Comics Online

There are many websites where you can purchase exclusive editions of comic issues, which you can then read on your computer or open them in other devices if they’re compatible. There are some great comic authors on Amazon – if you want to try reading something new, we encourage you to check out the Amazon best sellers!

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