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How to Share PSN Games with Your Friends

When the PlayStation 4 first launched, users were permitted to share their account with up to three other people. This meant that if you purchased a digital copy of a game, you could play it with three of your friends at the same time. To do this, you had to give your friends your email and password so they could log in to your account on their own PS4.

However, people abused this feature and “sold” the right to use their account to other players all over the globe. You’d think people would know better than to give their details to random strangers… But sadly, that wasn’t the case.

In a matter of months, users were reporting that their accounts had their passwords changed and they couldn’t access them anymore. A whole network of scams rose up from the account sharing feature, and people were getting their accounts stolen time and time again.
Sony took a drastic measure to solve this.

They disallowed PS4 owners to share their accounts more than once, and introduced the current Primary and Secondary system. Currently, a PlayStation Network account can only be active in two PlayStation 4’s at the same time.

So… Can I share my games and play them with my friends?

That’s a good question. Thankfully, the answer is yes. And setting everything up is actually very easy. The best way to explain to you how to share digital PSN games with your friends is with an example, so we’ll start from there.
Let’s say that Richard, your friend, has purchased a digital copy of Overwatch. But you want to play it, earn the game’s trophies and level up in your own account.
Well, if your friend Richard logs in to his account in your PlayStation 4, access account management and sets the account as “Primary”, you’ll be able to access all of his games from any account in your PS4.

Wait, that’s all?

Yeah. It’s pretty easy. But there’s a catch… Richard will only be able to play his games when he’s logged in to his account on his PS4. When he sets the account as “Primary” on your console, his console will keep the account too, but as a “Secondary”.

Secondary accounts can only play their digital games when they’re connected to the internet, and only on that account. For example, if your friend Richard sets his account as a Primary on your PS4 and he has a brother, his brother will only be able to play Richard’s games when logged in to Richard’s account.

Okay, but my friend Richard doesn’t have a brother… That’s a win/win, right?

Absolutely. If your friend doesn’t have a brother, you can set your account as a Primary on his PS4, and he can set up his account as Primary on yours. That way, you’ll both have access to each other’s games… And you’ll be able to play them at the same time. If you own an online multiplayer title, you can even play it with your friend using this method.

That’s amazing! I can’t wait to share my account with random strangers over the Interne…

STOP. Don’t even think about it. Sony only encourages doing this between close friends and family members. If you share your account’s details with a random internet stranger and he changes your password, you’ll have to contact Sony and explain to them what happened. Shortly after, you WILL get banned. It is strictly forbidden to share your account with random people over the Internet.

Got it. So, to sum things up… How do I share PSN games with my friends?

Simply set your account as Primary on your friends PS4 and he’ll be able to access all of your games from any account on his PlayStation. You’ll only be able to play using your own account, but both of you will be able to play the same game simultaneously.

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