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How to win a game of Fortnite

Are you struggling to win a match in the hottest game of the moment? Fear not, we’re here to guide you through each step you need to take in order to end your seemingly never-ending losing streak.

To start things off, just be aware that winning a game in Fortnite isn’t anything out of the ordinary; once you get the hang of it, you’ll be earning those Victory Royales for fun! The first win is always going to be the toughest one, though.

We’ll provide you with some proven techniques that pros (and amateurs alike!) use to win their games.
If you manage to combine all of these in a single game, you’re almost assured to get that much-desired W. If you can’t for one reason or another, you might still be able to win by using just a few of these techniques – or maybe even just one of them.
In any case, just keep in mind that practice makes perfect. We might be able to give you some basic guidelines as to how to win a match, but you still need to improve as much as you can if you want to get wins consistently.

Drop as far away as you can
Pro players tend to drop on Tilted Towers all the time. Is that a good choice? It most definitely isn’t. Pro players are incredibly good at the game, and they’ll obliterate you without giving you a chance to react. If you want to win as much games as you can, be sure to drop as far away from the bus as possible.
If you see the bus’s trajectory passing through Greasy Grove, fly all the way up to Risky Reels. Remember – kills might make you feel more satisfied, but they won’t win you the game! Survival is what Fortnite is all about, friend.

Be stealthy, not bloodthirsty
See those two guys at the distance going ham at each other? Are you thinking about rushing them and joining their fight? Stop! Wait for their build battle to take them high enough and then sneak up to the supports of their tower and take them down. You’ll get two easy kills and a bunch of loot without the need of engaging in a 3-way battle.
Playing smart goes a long way into helping you get the win – you don’t need to be incredibly skilled, all you need to do is play smarter than your opponents.

Know your setup
The way you set up your inventory is often heavily underestimated. The order doesn’t matter as much if you’re playing on PC as you can set up key binds easily, but if you’re playing on console, make sure to follow an order pattern all the time.
This helps you remember which weapon pops up whenever you press your weapon swap key, allowing you to get more kill consistently.

Understanding the meta
The strength of a weapon varies massively depending on EPIC’s nerfs and buffs. Make sure to read the patch notes each week to make sure the weapons you’re using are suitable for the current meta.
For example, since the introduction of the P90, spraying-and-praying has become more viable than ever. Shotguns recently got a buff, though!

Practice makes perfect
Building is the most important aspect of Fortnite, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. If you’re a good builder, chances are that you’re a great player.
In fact, being a good builder lets you get away with some sloppy shots – failing to aim properly can be compensated by knowing when and where to place building pieces.

Aspiring pros: don’t underestimate the importance of Playground. Practicing your aim and building skills for one or two hours a day might be the difference between losing to someone on the final five and managing to get that most precious Victory Royale!

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