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How to win matches in Call of Duty Blackout

The release of the fourth Black Ops is upon us. As many players are eagerly looking forward to playing traditional game modes like Team Deathmatch or Search & Destroy, the new Blackout Battle Royale is set to tilt the balance of the player base towards this immersive new mode. Although the Closed Beta had certain issues in need of polishing, the game looks set to be the next big thing in BR games.
We’ll have to wait and see just how good truly DICE’s Firestorm is, set to be included in Battlefield V, but since the game got delayed for a month, we won’t know until the final days of November.

Blackout, nonetheless, is a very tactical but relatively dynamic battle royale game. It features a system which resembles the mechanics of PUBG, but with Call of Duty’s traditional feel. To win matches in this game, you’ll have to be incredibly aware of your surroundings and move as strategically as possible.

Choose your weapons wisely

In most matches, you’ll be presented with the opportunity to carry different weapons as the match goes on. Most weapons in the game have specific uses and are extremely situational. This means that calling a weapon “useless” might be a matter of pure perspective, so we’ll avoid doing that.
Instead, focus on which guns suit your game plan better. If you tend to get close to your rivals before shooting, it might be wise to carry a shotgun and a rifle. On the other hand, if you like to avoid close-quarter-combat, sticking with a sniper rifle and an assault rifle might be your best choice of loadout.
Attachments are also very important. Be sure to pick them up as you find them! If you play on console, you might find that attaching modifiers to your equipment could be a little bit troublesome, but you’ll get use to it as time goes by.

Engaging and disengaging

If you come from other battle royale games, such as Fortnite or Paladins, you might be used to never disengage until one player dies – be it you or your opponent. Blackout is more like PUBG; you’ll have to be accurate with your shots, and should you miss the first burst, it might be better for you to fall back and reposition instead of engaging in a gunfight with a now-aware enemy.
Picking up enemies without them noticing is crucial if you want to win a match. If you’re spotted out in the open by another enemy, it might be the end for you. Be sure to shoot only when you’re near some cover, otherwise pulling the trigger could be a death sentence for you.
If you’re driving around in a vehicle, you can use it do quickly disengage from a fight and get to cover without sustaining fatal damage.

Tactical Movement

As you might’ve guessed by now, good movement is the make-or-break factor of a successful match in Blackout. Avoid running through an open field, check every corner and don’t forget to be sneaky when necessary. If you get caught in a crossfire, your seconds are numbered! If you want to win, then: “Remember… No Rushing”.

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