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Marvel’s Black Panther makes us want to fast-forward time


After a couple of weeks since its release, Black Panther has already obliterated the box office. This has come to be expected from the Marvel cinematic universe, so it's not much of a surprise that the movie is doing so well. The movie is not only an amazing piece visually speaking, but it also has an original story and a handful of brilliant nemesis that are certainly a joy to behold.

The writers also did an amazing job setting up the characters. If there’s one thing people complain about in superhero movies, it’s the lack of buildup and background given to some of the characters, but Black Panther creates a perfect environment for each different individual to thrive in: from T’Chala’s mother, to the movie’s main villain: Killmonger.

Now that we mention Black Panther’s nemesis, there is also one factor that needs to be pointed out: Killmonger’s anger against black people’s oppression gives the movie a much needed social component. It gives relevance to an ever-present issue that has recently gained attention in the United States by introducing it in the big screen.

In fact, one could argue that the inclusion of a powerful African hero is also one of the biggest victories of the Marvel Universe so far.
Killmonger’s transformation into a second Black Panther evokes Marvel’s comic-book love for clashing one hero into another character of similar skill. It kind of makes us want to see Venom fight Spider-Man again, now that he’s been officially acknowledged in Marvel’s cinematic universe.
The story of Wakanda isn’t short of fantastic either. We could go on and on about special effects time and time again, but we all know these have always been breathtaking in the Marvel franchise – even in its less-acclaimed titles. But the story of Wakanda and the Black Panther itself is narrated meticulously and the details are cared for admirably.
Should we talk about the movie’s negative attributes? There is one that easily comes to mind: it reminds us that we can’t fast-forward through time! Honestly, after such a great movie, it’s painful to remember that we still have to wait until the end of April to watch the much-anticipated premiere of Infinity War!

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