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Rediscovering History: The Magic of Total War

The Total War series are an absolute blessing to history lovers. They might not depict as accurately as Europa Universalis IV the events that shaped the world as we know it, but they do allow players to shape history to their liking by engaging in battles across the world. It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of the British or the Holy Roman Empire, if you’re into military strategy you’re in for a treat.

One of the most popular aspects of these games is how immersive they are. You can take control of any major nation during the period of time in which the game takes place and you can choose how you want to expand your country. Some players would rather engage in commercial negotiations and purchase land while others prefer to stick with the game’s main objective: engaging in ‘Total War’.
There is nothing as satisfying as getting the Pope to call a crusade on your country’s capital after you conquer a Catholic nation in Medieval II, arguably one of the best Total War titles. The games not only offer incredible battle mechanics, but they also give the user a history lesson or two. You can learn how powerful each empire was during the Total War timeline and you can alter the course of history by invading other countries and breaking historical alliances.

Although the Total War franchise hasn’t decided to step into more recent conflicts like the World Wars, the depth of each game is incredible – especially how well made and historically accurate the military units are. Each gun, unit name and clothing is carefully crafted by the coders to create an accurate representation of the battles, and it’s immensely fascinating to see how different and improved the battle mechanics are with the release of each new title.
If you’re into Japan’s history, you might love to try Shogun: Total War. There have been two releases of Shogun titles and each of them presents feudal Japan at its finest. You can even choose which shogunate to control and unify the country under their banner!

The depth is brilliant, the gameplay is awesome and the options are endless. If conquering and military strategies are your things, what are you waiting for? Go try any Total War game from your favorite time period and show the world who’s the best military leader on the planet!

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