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Saitama and the power behind the One Punch Man

Ever since the release of the One Punch Man manga (or the web comic, depending on how far you go), we’ve all been amazed by the strength of the world’s most powerful hero, Saitama, the man capable of defeating any foe with one (sometimes effortless) punch. But just how strong is he?
The first thing we have to consider is his speed. In the anime, we get to see him accelerate at incredible speeds, and considering his strength isn’t limited to his arms, speed definitely works as an indicator to measure the power of his punch. Although fictional, the anime does follow a lot of physical principles that help viewers better understand the unreal power of Saitama.
Considering he can jump from the Moon towards the Earth in a space of approximately 8 seconds… Well, we can assume he is pretty damn fast. Fast enough to make fun of the speed of sound itself!
His punch, on the other hand (pun intended)… Well, from what we’ve seen, he can stop a gigantic meteor with a single fist. Given the size and apparent hardness of the meteor itself, it’s relatively safe to say that it would take more than a nuclear blast to destroy it, let alone stop it in its tracks like Saitama does in the anime.
Some people tend to compare Saitama’s strength with Goku’s or Superman’s… But those comparisons are usually out of place, given the fact that One Punch Man is gifted with basically unlimited power and if he were to face (hypothetically) the strongest Saiyan in the universe or the savior from Krypton, he’d just use more of his power until he manages to win – basically what he did at the end of the anime’s first season.
Saitama’s weakness isn’t physical, but rather mental. He’s too much of a goodie-two-shoes and he isn’t smart enough, which leads him to make rash decisions that endanger the general population of the world he inhabits. In most cases, none of these things matter. His strength is just too much for anyone to handle and he’s basically unstoppable, but the mental attributes he has serve as limitations to the character itself that keep the series from turning into a one-sided borefest.
So… How strong is One Punch Man? He is stronger than your mind could even comprehend. We don’t know his full potential yet, but if he does indeed possess limitless power, he could concentrate enough strength to end the universe as we know it. He’s everything that every hero in every anime wishes to be… and more!

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