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Solaire of Astora Amiibo Hits the Shelves

There are two things gamers wait on eagerly every year – E3 and Nintendo Direct. And, while we’re some time away from E3, Nintendo Direct just passed us, and it made quite a racket. The new Super Smash Bros took people’s breath away, and for the more “hardcore” players, it was heaven, having seen the new images from the Dark Souls: Remastered. And with that, many hands were raised toward the sun and many a voice exclaimed that well-known and dear greeting “Praise the Sun”.

But, what the hardened veterans of the Warrior of the Sun covenant will adore even more is the brand new amiibo introduced by Nintendo. This year, good ol’ Solaire will transcend the digital realm and engage in jolly cooperation in the real world, this time as the aforementioned amiibo.

That’s right, Nintendo made a totally authentic Solaire of Astora amiibo, and the fans will be able to get a hold of one starting 25th of May, 2018. This sun-searching amiibo will be a part of a promotion for the Dark Souls: Remastered, but the fans might catch a glimpse of this splendid and completely ordinary knight sooner, as the game will be released for testing purposes in the coming months. As you know, the game will also be release for PC, PS4 and Xbox, but (this only goes for consoles) you’ll only be able to play-test it if you’re in Southeast Asia (PC players won’t be able to play-test the game at all).

So, what does our grossly incandescent knight do? Well, he… Praises the Sun. No, seriously, that's all he does. The amiibo is completely useless and has no in-game value, and all he ever does is what he always and ever wanted to do – to praise the heck out of that wondrous, glaring body of gas. The amiibo can only perform this highly-recognizable gesture and is probably simply made as a cameo, or an easter egg, or a throwback to everyone's favourite character from this hardcore series.

Still, we can’t hate the new iteration of the iconic sunbro. His valorous and dashing countenance performing the gesture is sure to make us laugh and to make us cry at his sorry fate. However, after seeing him in all his splendour, maybe, just maybe, we’ll make an effort, farm those 50-something Humanities, take the time to offer them to “Quelaan” (God, that was an abhorrent process; I hope they let us offer them all at once), open that passage in Izalith and save the knight. Plus, I dunno, he just might save your life against Gwyn, if you didn’t git gud by now and learned how to properly parry…

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