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Spiderman: Far From Home

Spiderman far from home with Tom Holland unmaskedMarvel has officially given fans something to look forward to after “Avengers: Endgame” in the form of a Spider-Man teaser trailer.

The follow up to “Spider-Man: Homecoming”, “Spiderman: Far From Home” will have Tom Holland suit up as the web slinging superhero from Queens once again, but this time he will be stepping out of his friendly neighborhood.
In the opening scene we see that there is some sort of an honoring ceremony happening for Spider-Man, with May Parker presenting the wall crawling hero the award herself.Spiderman far from home, spiderman gliding through the clouds

Not much background was given on May Parker in Homecoming, so who knows why she is the one who is presenting the award. Afterward we presumably head backstage to the ceremony where an unmasked Peter and his aunt high-five and then hug.

This confirms the final scene in Homecoming where May walks in on Peter as he is suiting up, but before he manages to get his mask on, and now knows her nephew is New York's favorite champion.
Later, there is a fun/weird little moment shared by Happy Hogan (Jon Favreau) and Aunt May that could be indicating at a possible spark happening between the pair.

From there, the music kicks in, and it’s The Ramones “I Wanna Be Sedated”, which ties into this incarnations previous film that blasted “Blitzkrieg Bop” during Spider-Man’s first city patrol scene, and then even played it again over the credits. This really seems to help the continuity and get everyone back on track and into the energy and excitement they showed for the first film.

We then learn that Peter Parker is going on a trip “across the pond” for a school trip, and does not intend to bring his alter ego. The trip to another country now obviously being the “far from home” element promised in the title.

“Europe doesn’t really need a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man”, Parker says as he packs his bags, and then as any other well cut trailer would do, shows us just how badly Europe does in fact need Spider-Man. Before the threat is fully explained though, they gave a little glimpse of MJ/Peter flirting, which is exactly what a Spidey film should have in it, and has most fans happy to see the iconic pair heading towards what would be their assumed destiny’s.

Spiderman Far from home with Tom Holland unmasker new suit

WARNING!!!!!! The following is about to reveal a character that appears in the trailer that some may count as a spoiler.

As Peter explains to his bff Ned (Jacob Batalon) that he thinks MJ might like him, Ned is tranquilized by none other than the super spy himself, Nick Fury. Just as Nick had been waiting for Peter’s mentor, Tony Stark, in a dark room once, it is now the web heads time to get a visit from the former S.H.I.E.L.D director.

This is where the action of the trailer kicks into high gear, we get glimpses of the threat that has fallen over Europe, and are left with more questions than answers. At all the shown catastrophe locations, there are large, element-based goliaths tearing up the scene. The first appears to be made of rock, the next fire (or volcanic magma maybe) and the final is made from water.

Spiderman far from home, Tom Holland on left swinging through new york, Jake Gyllenhaal on right as Mysterio
You would think that these menacing monsters would be something the bad guy, in this case Mysterio, (played by Jake Gyllenhaal) would be behind, but maybe not. During his introduction in the trailer it appears as if he goes to battle the water giant, leaving fans to wonder, “what exactly is going on here?” Did Mysterio have a change of heart, or maybe he is just trying to help stop monsters he lost control of? It is still unclear.

That is what a good teaser trailer is supposed to accomplish on the other hand, so it is not a fault of the trailer itself, and it is sure that more answers will come when Marvel/Sony drops the first official trailer and fans are given more to digest.
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