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The beginning of Fortnite BR’s Fourth Season

After the much anticipated meteor crash that everyone expected to hit Tilted Towers at the end of season 3, the fourth season of the hottest Battle Royale game of the moment is finally here… And the battle map certainly gave us the biggest surprise of the year. Dusty Depot was transformed into a huge crater with an investigation site in the middle, and countless other crash areas were added around the map.

There was much speculation flying around the Internet as to what the theme for the new season was going to be, and as things stand it looks like a combination of both heroes and movies, affected by various meteor collisions and a suspiciously big dinosaur footprint.

New theories are already coming into life as the map looks to be changing its shape with each week that passes: are the developers aiming to introduce new areas or reshaping the ones that were already there?

Moisty Mire seems to be on its way to disappear at the end of the season, as the movie studio set down there grows bigger every week. The investigation lab in the collision site located at the center of the newly-added Dusty Divot looks to be growing with each patch as well. Could the thing in the middle of the crater be a dinosaur egg a la Godzilla? Or is it something related to superheroes?

Some people have gone as far as saying that season four will serve as a pathway to the introduction of a new map. Maybe season four will end with a massive rocket taking everyone to the moon and a new story unfolding there?
There are countless theories circulating through Twitter and Reddit, but some are actually pretty interesting. In fact, the comet becoming a meteor was predicted on social media more than a month before it happened!
We’ll have to wait and see which path EPIC Games is taking us on, but if there’s one thing that’s certain is that this season will have a dynamic map which is likely to change as weeks go on. Who knows? Maybe a bunch of these theories are true, and we’ll end up the season with dinosaurs, movie studios and superhero versus villain battles!

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