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The Rise of The Rebel Alliance

The Rise of The Rebel Alliance

Rise of the rebellion

Have you ever wondered how the rebels managed to unify under one flag and start a movement that eventually ended the Empire? Oddly enough, most of these stories aren’t really told in the Star Wars movies, and many are now regarded as Star Wars Legends – non-canonical stories that simply form part of the Star Wars pop culture.
Regardless, since there’s a huge lack of information regarding the rise of the Alliance, most of these stories are still seen as truthful by most Star Wars loyalists. Thanks to it, we have a ton of written information explaining how the Republic transitioned into the Empire. We’ll be exploring the basics in today’s article.

The Senators

Star Wars Galactic Senate
Contrary to popular belief, the organization of the Rebel Alliance began in the Galactic Senate. When Palpatine took full control of the Republic thanks to the executive order emitted by the Senate, some senators kept quiet and decided to plot against Palpatine, whom they knew was nothing but an authoritarian dictator.
The opposition senators, led by Mon Mothma, decided they were going to try to convince the rest of the Senators to issue a vote of no confidence against Palpatine. They were unsuccessful at achieving it, and they shortly realized that little change could come from the Senate; not only because of the lack-of-action of other senators, but also because of Palpatine’s control.

The Rebel Military


Rebel military
The Alliance was highly reliant on the support from oppressed worlds, which were too many to count when the Empire was at the peak of its power. This gave the rebels hope, but they were still highly outnumbered by Palpatine’s army.
Star Wars savants know that most rebel ships belonged to the Mon Calamari. The decision of the Mon Calamari fleet to join the war was instigated by General Ackbar, the popular character that we see in the movies.
The support from many oppressed worlds also means that Rebel troops belong to different races. As we see in the movies, there are many alien-looking creatures in these armies, whilst the Empire is manned mainly by humans.

Rebel Actions


Rebel actions
As you might’ve realized the first time you watched A New Hope, the rebels were far from prepared to fight the Empire in armed combat. In fact, the Rebel Alliance formed as a funded movement shortly after Mothma left the Galactic Senate to join the cause and injected money into the empty arks of the rebellion.
The problem arose when Mothma and the rebels found out that the Empire had finished building the Death Star. Before they could even get a proper plan together, the Empire found out the location of the Rebel HQ. This forced the rebels into new tactics, abandoning their interference and stealth tactics for a direct attack on the galaxy’s most powerful weapon.


The New Republic

The new republic
The New Republic was formed after Palpatine’s death, when the Rebel Alliance triumphed in the moon of Endor. This New Republic was an attempt by the rebels to unify the fallen Galactic Empire and led by Mon Mothma herself. The shortcomings of the cause ended up costing it its dissolution, which led to the rise of First Order.

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