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The structural intricacies of a Gundam

If you’re familiar with the universe of the Mobile Suit Gundam series, you might have at least a vague idea already of the way the machines work. But if you aren’t’, don’t worry. You’re in for a lesson of war-robot mechanics in today’s blog. Sit back, relax and prepare to be fascinated by the physics that allow Gundams to function!

First things first, let’s talk about their core. There’s actually a very intricate formula that explains how the core reacts, but let’s skip the boring mathematical part. A Gundam’s core utilizes a special helium particle which on its own is fused with a heavy hydrogen particle. This powers up the machine’s reactor and allows the Gundam to gain self-sustaining power for quite a long time.
To keep things simple, look at this way: every Gundam has a compact fusion reactor that produces a massive amount of nuclear energy, which keeps the machine functioning at all times.

What about the controls? How can a pilot make a machine like that move so freely?

There is one key aspect that you need to know before answering this question. In the Gundam Wing universe, humanity has achieved a new phase of evolution. Humans from the series emit a high amount of very strong mind waves.
Each Gundam has a machine that allows these waves to convert themselves into commands with the help of a computer.

These commands are exactly what tells the Gundam what to do; how to move; where to fire. This is just the main type of way to control a Gundam, though.
There are systems far more advanced than the regular mind wave machine: some are even capable of fully connecting the pilot with the Gundam, reducing the error margin and allowing the machine to act as if it was part of the pilot’s own body. It’s a truly remarkable process and a well-thought physics argument made by the creators of the show.

In fact, there are some systems capable of combating the brainwaves emitted by the evolved humans of the Gundam universe. Rivals have developed them throughout years of war, and they are especially made to detect the evolved humans’ waves in order to hunt them down and control the enemy’s Gundam, making it shoot itself or simply explode if it’s wished.

These are just an overview of the wide array of different mechanics that exist in the Gundam universe. There’s plenty more where that came from!

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