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The Tournament of Power represents Toriyama’s brilliance

Since the beginning of Dragon Ball Super, fans have come to notice a change of pace in the way fights unfold in the series. Slower, more strategic duels have overtaken 3-hour long relentless clashes which leave the landscape (and sometimes a whole planet or two) absolutely shattered. This change is certainly pretty defying to the original concept of Dragon Ball Z, but it was definitely really well executed and a joy to watch for both old and new fans alike.
Even though explosive battles still have their own presence in the Dragon Ball universe, they are way more limited, and not nearly as long as its Z predecessors were; but the Tournament Of Power does one hell of a job when it comes to combining both classic brawls and mental games into one, thanks to a brilliant balance of attributes put in the table by mastermind Akira Toriyama.
The tournament shows the development and introduction of many characters in a very short period of time, and it is of common agreement that it’s actually really well done, although some fans weren’t happy with the Universe 6’s Saiyans – especially with Caulifla’s back-to-back Super Saiyan transformations. Leaving that small little detail aside, the Tournament of Power saga gives viewers a rush of emotions mixed with Dragon Ball’s classic comedic value. It’s a truly magnificent arc that honors both the original Dragon Ball and Z alike.
Oddly enough, U6’s Saiyan Kale transforms into a very well-known Super Saiyan form that had never been considered canon in the series: the Legendary Super Saiyan. Although she’s never called “legendary” in Super, her transformation is an injection of nostalgia that pleased most Z fans with the partial return of Broly’s form and its first presentation in the series’ official storyline after its appearance in a couple of DB movies.

So many aspects come into play inside the Tournament of Power that the whole arc has somehow left behind the Goku Black saga, which was already a great watch on its own. Now, we look forward to Vegeta’s imminent achievement of the Ultra Instinct form, and wonder whether or not Vegito will make one more stellar appearance when Universe 7 fights against Jiren.
There is also an additional aspect that many might’ve failed to notice at first: the Tournament seems to be setting everything up for Frieza to be the final villain of the series, which would certainly bring back a lot of memories from those good old Namekian days. Granted, things might take an unexpected turn as is common in Dragon Ball, but the potential of having Frieza as Goku’s final foe would be a brilliant conclusion to one of the most traditional anime series ever created.

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