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Three podcasts you should be listening to Right Now - By David Castro

Podcasts are some of the fastest growing and most diverse media types of the last few years. Where once you had to wait for an author to publish a book once a year or so, for a new episode of television every season, or what have you, you can instead, for free generally speaking, subscribe to any number of audio podcasts and listen to them while doing other things, like commuting or at the gym. The following are three of my favorite podcasts that you might not have heard of, all of which be your gateway into the more popular fare.

Gone is a horror mystery podcast written, produced, performed, and edited all by one person, author Sunny Moraine. The main character wakes up one day and everyone else, in so far as she can tell, has vanished, that that’s just the tip of the mystery. Sure, you’ve probably heard of this premise before, but I personally have never heard of it done this way, from the point of view of one person, where you listen to her struggle to comprehend what is going on around her on top of the problems she already had to cope with. At the time of writing this, the last episode of the first season of it will be dropping soon, so now is a good place to jump in.

The Bright Sessions is a sci-fi audio drama centered around the clients of Doctor Joan Bright, a psychiatrist for people with special abilities. I reckon it to if The X-Men had a therapist, but there is so much more than that. There are a wide cast of characters, all of whom are incredibly diverse, and how they and their powers interact with each other are amazing. Most episode is about 20-30 mins long, perfect for a light walk around the park or while you’re doing chores.

The Magnus Archives is a horror podcast from across the pond. Very much monster of the week, though with an overarching plot, the story is of the archivist of The Magnus Institute, an organization that collects and researches the stories of the supernatural given by the public, the archivist reading said stories for an audio database and reporting on any updates. Each episode is a story that, for reasons unknown, can only be recorded on an old school tape recorder. All of these have the ring of truth, and are each exhilarating, if horror is your thing.

All of the above podcasts are available on iTunes, as well as other popular podcast apps and services, all for free. You can come in and out of them as you wish, they’d all be waiting for you to come back to them when you feel up to it. I, myself, like to wait a little while, let two or three stack up before going and getting current. Let me know if there are any podcasts you think that I should listen to.

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