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Top 10 Coolest Superpowers

Abilities, powers, supernatural skills. We’ve all wanted to be able to do things that no one else can do, and we’ve certainly tried (and failed) at least once in our lives. Be it by flying, wall-climbing, or laser-shooting, the geek inside of us has always daydreamed of joining the superhero hall of greatness.

In today’s Top 10, we’ll explore the best ever superpowers used by heroes, villains and many other characters created throughout the course of human’s pop culture history. We’ll be as impartial as possible, so don’t worry: we won’t favor the good guys’ abilities rather than the villains’. You might see plenty of comic book heroes here, though, as their abilities tend to be awesome!

Mind Control (Zebediah Killgrave)

The ability to control minds might not be the most popular superpower out there, but it’s certainly one of the scariest if it falls in the wrong hands… as Killgrave (aka the Purple Man) showed in the Jessica Jones comics and series. Having the most powerful of heroes do whatever you want with simple commands outdoes almost any other power ever created.

Energy powers (Dragon Ball)

Limiting our list to a simple Dragon Ball power like the Kamehameha wouldn’t do justice to the actual depth of energy powers shown in the story. If we take into consideration that Ki is used to create energy blasts as well as flying, these energy powers cover a vast array of abilities that make most characters in Dragon Ball the most powerful warriors in the universe.

Shapeshifting (Mystique)

The ability to shapeshift has been used by many heroes and villains alike, but not many of them do it as cool as Mystique from X-Men. The power on its own might not be as destructive and could even be mistaken as harmless, but using it properly opens up a whole new world for he (or she) who has the ability to use it.

Time Manipulation (Chronos)

Manipulating time could as well be one of the most overpowered abilities ever created. We’ve seen plenty of characters doing it throughout pop culture history, and it has many ways in which it can be done. Regardless of which one you’ve seen, we can all agree that altering the fabric of time is both catastrophic and magnificent altogether.

Psychic abilities (Jean Grey)

Few heroes or villains have had the ability to use their psychic strength as well as Jean Grey. She is the epitome of an all-powerful psychic being, and her ability to control these powers to such extent show how mighty a psychic can be. Having these abilities also means you don’t need to stand up to get the TV remote, which is nothing but a huge plus.

Reality-altering abilities (Thanos)

Granted, Thanos on its own might not be able to alter reality, but his eternal search for the Infinity Gauntlet and the Infinity Gems make him one of the most powerful villains of all time. Having the ability to end foes (or friends) with the simple snap of a finger is as scary as it is powerful.

All-mightiness (Doctor Manhattan)

Now that Doctor Manhattan has officially been introduced to the DC Universe, his powers have been appreciated by a far wider audience. Unable to die, capable of teleporting anywhere he wants, unlimited strength… It doesn’t even need to be discussed, these abilities are simply too good to be overlooked from our list.

Teleportation (Nightcrawler)

Nightcrawler’s way of teleporting has to be the most amazing one ever created. He actually jumps into another dimension and traverses the distance he want before popping back out into our dimension. The only downside of this is that he has to know where he’s going.

Regeneration (Deadpool)

Wolverine might be able to regenerate faster or even more effectively than Deadpool, but we’re tackling the coolest superpowers today, right? Maybe Deadpool’s regeneration wouldn’t be as cool if it was used by other characters, but since we’re referring to Wade Wilson… There isn’t a discussion to be had!

Superstrength (Superman)

Is Superman the strongest man to ever (sorta) live? He might as well be. Comic books, movies and shows never get tired of showing just how powerful Superman actually is, and his superhuman strength definitely stands out as one of his most useful abilities. How cool would it be to fight with his strength?

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