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Top 10 GTA Iconic Locations

Top 10 GTA Iconic Locations

Every single GTA game has been filled with plenty of things and activities to do. More specifically though, the GTA maps throughout the course of the years have had a handful of historic locations (some of which have real-life equivalents) which have transcended each game to become iconic places of the franchise.

These places have even more value to players who went through the story of each GTA game, and they’re likely to be loved by those who got close to each iconic landmark many times while playing through the story of each game. Without any further ado, let’s take a look into GTA’s most iconic locations (since GTA Vice City).

Area 69 (San Andreas)

The famous Area 69, which is a clear reference to area 51 in the United States, holds San Andreas’ most mysterious secrets. Located in a secluded location in the desert, trying to walk into the military base will likely mean you’ll get shot on sight. This place has been surrounded with different theories for years, and it remains as one of San Andreas most important locations.

Madd Dogg’s Mansion (San Andreas)

We know, some of you really hated Madd Dogg’s missions. In any case, invading his mansion and shooting everyone up was definitely one of the most fun parts of San Andreas. The place is actually very well modeled and the house itself is located in one of the city’s most privileged neighborhoods, which makes the rapper’s mansion one of the best houses in the game.

Vercetti Estate (Vice City)

The infamous mansion of mobster Ricardo Diaz which was overtook by Tony Vercetti during the storyline of GTA Vice City. The mansion is not only one of the most iconic safe houses across every single GTA game, buyt it’s also the most important one in Vice City. The place is located in a rich part of the Vice City archipelago called Starfish Island.

Hyman Memorial Stadium (Vice City)

No, we haven’t forgotten about this place. The Hyman Memorial Stadium holds Vice City’s most fun activities. The place hosts events from time to time, which range from NASCAR-type races to demolition derbies. The stadium is one of the best places in Vice City – especially if you’re done with the game’s story.

Pay N’ Spray (All games bar GTA II and GTA V, which had their own shops)

Are you on a run from the cops? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there and Pay N’ Spray has always been there for us. This placed has been featured in most GTA games, which makes in one of the most successful franchises in the GTA universe. Drive in, get sprayed, fool the cops. Easy enough right?

Fort Zancudo (GTA V)

Oddly ‘, Fort Zancudo is the only military base in the GTA universe. It was first featured in GTA V and it’s important has nothing but grown since the explosion of popularity of GTA Online. Players tend to create many missions in this area, which go from shooting deathmatches to military-themed races.

Statue of Happiness (GTA IV)

The Statue of Happiness was gifted to the American people by the French (sounds familiar, right?) but it’s not quite as patriotic as the actual Statue of Liberty. In fact, given that the French gifted the statue back in the 19th century to the US, the steaming cup of coffee that it has in its right hand is a clear satirical statement which evokes a tad of xenophobia and hilarity.

Airports (Featured on most GTA games)
The airports have played crucial roles for most GTA players. Some of these locations have been featured in missions (in fact, most of the airports have been part of the story of each GTA), but many players have tried to sneak in and steal a plane through many GTA titles. They first succeeded in GTA V, though, when the feature was first introduced.

Vanilla Unicorn (GTA V)
This gentleman’s club is (spoilers!) taken over by Trevor at the end of GTA V, but it features in many missions throughout the course of the game. It goes without saying that the Vanilla Unicorn is the best designed strip club in the GTA Universe, given the role it plays in the story of the game.

Vespucci Beach (GTA V)
Vespucci Beach is the most iconic beach of GTA V and had already been featured in GTA San Andreas under the name of Verona Beach (rings a bell, right?). The beach is an entertainment hotspot in GTA V, with many citizens visiting the beach each day.

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