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Top 10 Most Iconic Videogame Skills

Throughout the course of history, each videogame franchise has grown to develop certain abilities that gamers can feel attached to whenever they play each game. For example, we all know and love Mario’s ability to throw fireballs... and so does virtually any gamer in existence, even if they haven’t played a Mario game in their life.

Most of the abilities and moves we’ll be taking a look at today have transcended each franchise’s fanbase to become global icons of gaming. If you know a thing or two about videogames, it’s very likely that you’ve at least heard about most of these moves and abilities in the past. Let’s take a look at them!

Leap of Faith (Assassin’s Creed)

The Leap of Faith was first introduced in the original installment of Assassin’s Creed, and it has since become one of the most emblematic actions that players can perform in the game. It might not be as popular now as it was in previous installments (taking a very secondary role in Origins), but the ever-present Leap of Faith is a true icon of the AC franchise.

Fireball (Mario)
The fireball made its debut in Super Mario Bros., where players had to grab a fire flower in order to make Mario able to shoot these projectiles from his hand. It has evolved into one of the most easy-to-recognize abilities in gaming, and it’s also Mario’s main attack in the popular Nintendo franchise of Super Smash Bros.

Cardboard Box (Metal Gear)

This curious item is used by Metal Gear’s most iconic characters, such as Raven, Big Boss and Solid Snake. Its effectiveness might be questioned at times, but the cardboard box has helped countless players infiltrate areas throughout each Metal Gear game without being detected by oblivious soldiers.

Killstreaks (Call of Duty)

The introduction of killstreaks in Call of Duty is actually a very important addition to online first-person shooters in general. They were first introduced in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, and they have since continued to show up in every online mode of CoD ever since.

“Get out of the car!” (Grand Theft Auto)

Pulling people out of the car is GTA’s most iconic move, and rightly so. The ability has been animated in many different ways in every Grand Theft Auto title, but the principle of removing people from their vehicles is always presented in a hilarious yet serious and impactful manner which defines the whole objective of the games.

Unrelenting Force (The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim)

The first dragon shout learned in Skyrim has outgrown its popular meme status to become the most iconic skill of the Elder Scrolls franchise. If you don’t know which ability we’re talking about, let us refresh your memory with the casting words that made it famous in the first place: FUS-RO-DAH!

1x1 room (The Sims)

Granted, this might be the most infamous ability on this list. Trapping a sim in a 1x1 room is a very morbid thing to do, albeit one of the most popular ones among the Sims’ fanbase. Those annoying neighbors never know what hits them whenever they come storming into your house!

Knife to run faster (Counter-Strike)

Counter-Strike, arguably the most popular FPS in gaming history, has always had a system in place where the weight of your weapon affects how fast you can run. This means that if you pull out your knife, you’ll be able to run as fast as possible in the game. This mechanic has been widely popularized by CS, making its way into many other popular shooters.

Rolling (Sonic)

Curling into a ball and rolling around is a skill performed by many characters in many different gaming franchises, but Sonic’s is definitely the most iconic alongside Metroid Prime’s Samus. Most characters in the Sonic universe are capable of performing this skill, making it an emblem of SEGA’s most popular franchise.

Tackle (Pokémon)

There’s a wide selection of skills available to trainers in the Pokémon universe, but Tackle is one that virtually any Pokémon learns at some point in their lives. Being one of the first moves available in the game, tackle has proven its worth as a basic damage dealer which helps players storm through the first opponents they face in every game.

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