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Top 10 Most Influential Videogame Characters

Top 10 Most Influential Video game characters of all time.

The worldwide phenomenon of videogames has really taken off since the start of the 21st century. As technology advances, characters have become more and more real, giving players the chance to feel attached to those pixel-personas with whom they play with hours at a time, either on consoles or computers. 

Some of these characters have become immensely influential, not only for each of their games’ communities but also on a worldwide scale.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the most influential videogame characters ever created, but we might also throw in characters from non-videogame franchises that made their way to the hands of gamers causing huge repercussions in gamer culture.

Solid Snake
The cloned biological child to Big Boss, Solid Snake is one of the most influential figures in action-videogame history. The story told by Metal Gear is incredibly well created and also almost perfectly integrated into real world’s history. Solid Snake’s intelligence and ability made him a formidable soldier whose prowess is unmatchable by everyone.

The yellow thunder rat became the flagship of the Pokémon anime series after the Gameboy videogames had worldwide success. Oddly enough, the original anime protagonist was going to be Jigglypuff, but the decision was scrapped in favor of Pikachu – and we’re nothing but grateful for it!

Granted, Goku is originally an anime character, but the vast amount of Dragon Ball videogames earned him a place in our list. As time goes on, the legendary Saiyan has become more and more powerful, surpassing even the mighty gods of the Dragon Ball universe.

Mario isn’t only the flagship of Nintendo’s worldwide influence, but he’s also one of the most versatile characters ever created. Originally a plumber, he’s managed to make his way into fighters, sports titles and many other kinds of games.

Master Chief
Xbox always has an ace under their sleeve when it comes to fighting Sony’s popularity: Halo. The Halo series offer some of the most amazing shooter games ever made. Although the online factor plays a huge role in that category, Master Chief’s story is nothing short of amazing – rediscovering his abilities and heroism title after title puts him up there with the best characters ever made.

Racing titles, sports games, classic platformers… Sonic is SEGA’s proudest creation, and rightly so. The blue hedgehog has been responsible for popularizing the racing platform/adventure genre. Some of Sonic games have been categorically awful, but on the other hand, some are so good that they’re still played to this day – decades after being released.

Lara Croft
The famous Tomb Raider was easily the first female sex symbol in videogame history. Her massive influence in pop culture made its way into various Hollywood blockbusters, while the pixel-woman also has a great array of different videogame titles which have redefined the adventure genre over and over again.

The Last of Us is one of those games where the story is so good that it makes you keep thinking about it for years after finishing it.
Joel’s relationship with Ellie is so well developed that if it wasn’t for the fact that you’re shooting zombies here and there, you’d forget you aren’t watching a movie. Joel’s background is very well written, arguably making him the best zombie-fighter in the history of videogames.

Nico Bellic
Nico is arguably one of the most important GTA characters ever created. The influence of GTA IV laid the foundations for the creation of GTA V, and the Slav criminal’s personality made the story of his game one of the most entertaining (if not THE most entertaining) of any Grand Theft Auto title.

The Dragonborn
Although Oblivion and Morrowind were already very popular videogames, Skyrim completely took over the world with the Dovahkiin’s story. The main character from The Elder Scrolls V takes various shapes and forms depending on who plays with him, but his (or her?) Nordic nature is sure to resonate with any gamer in every corner of the world.

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