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Where heroes are born: The origins of the Hidden Leaf Village

The true origins of the place where Naruto was born were revealed deep into the Shippuden story, but there is way more depth than you think to this village’s history. To keep everything as organized as possible, let us first recap what events led to the formation of one of the most influential places in the world of Naruto.

Way before the existence of organized villages, clans like the Uchiha lived on independent and small communities that sustained themselves during wars. In fact, most clans were at war all the time – mainly the Senju clan and the Uchiha clan.
There were other lesser-known ninja groups that contributed to the fighting, but it was these two major clans who became responsible for the existence of the Hidden Leaf Village, also known as Konoha.

It’s actually pretty interesting how the Naruto world has so many real-world sociological influences. The interactions between clans before everything was organized into villages are definitely one of the most underrated aspects of the entire series, and it’s such a shame that the writers didn’t take full advantage of it.
Interestingly enough, it was an alliance between enemies which led to the formation of the Hidden Leaf Village.

As a matter of fact, Konoha was the first village to rise amongst the warring clans during the ancient times of the Ninja World. Naruto belongs to the fifth generation of Ninjas born after the foundation of the villages.

This does put everything into perspective as well. The adventures in the Naruto anime take place in a very young organized world. You can actually compare this organization with the first wars on human history which occurred between various city-states in the Mesopotamian region.

Even though the Ninja World history bears little resemblance with how real humans came to give birth to civilization due to its fictional influences, both worlds have deep sociological roots which do have a lot in common. Fictional or real, civilization’s origins aren’t that different!

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